Is Safety becoming less of a priority?

I am concerned about the Safety Culture of carriers and drivers in recent months. I believe that carriers have succumbed to desperate measures to fill their empty seats and the safety of their company is falling short. A good example, a company, I will leave unnamed, just hired 2 drivers that our company fired for having a poor safety performance. The unnamed carrier did not call to verify either of these drivers employment with PWD, most likely because the drivers did not put PWD on their application. If that is the case, one of these drivers would have 6 years unaccounted for and the other 3.5. Either way, they have recently added 2 very unsafe drivers to their fleet….God help us.

Can we put a price on Safety?

Yes we can…how does the price of a life sound. That is the absolute price of forgoing safety, an accident that takes someone’s life.

I am going back to ELD’s again. I blame the ELD mandate for this storm we are all in right now, the race to get the next driver in the truck. Ride out the storm but do not sacrifice safety for a warm body in the seat of your truck. If safety becomes less and less of a priority for carriers, accidents will increase. Accidents are why the government creates more regulations that will affect drivers and carriers financial future.

Let’s not make it harder on ourselves and stick to a culture of safety.