Is Indiana an unsafe State? Part 2

Well let’s think about this. Statistics are fact based and I for one prefer facts over illusion. Here are some facts for you, the has published statistics that from 2012-2016:

The # of total fatal crashes from 2012-2016 has increased by 1.6%

The # of crashes involving a CMV has increased by 4%

Currently Indiana is the # 1 state for issuing the most moving violations

Currently Indiana is the # 9 state for having the most fatal CMV crashes

If Indiana is writing more tickets to reduce accidents but accidents are increasing then maybe they should change their focus. I am in no way discrediting our State Police that does a marvelous job and I am sure they have done more than to write tickets but my point is: writing tickets that contribute to a carriers Unsafe Driving score is not reducing accidents.

The FMCSA published that the most common road conditions that contribute to truck crashes are:

Roads under construction

Poorly maintained roads

Congested Roads

Reduced lanes

Indiana published that their most dangerous highways and where the highest rate of crashes takes place are:

I 90 due to heavy volume

I 65 due to construction and volume

I 70 unknow reason

I 80/94 due to congestion

Hwy 60 due to reduced lanes

Hoosier Heartland Hwy due to crossroads

So, are Indiana drivers more unsafe or does Indiana have unsafe roads that contribute to crashes?