About PWD


PWD Transportation Inc is a third generation full service trucking company based in Indianapolis In. Our family has been in the trucking industry since the early 1940’s. PWD is a family owned and managed asset based carrier and our goal is to deliver the best quality working environment to our employees and first class service to our customers.

Our father raised us with the values; through hard work and perseverance, all things are possible and always put God and your family first. We are blessed to pass these values down through our company by focusing on providing our customers with impeccable service at a fair competitive rate; by focusing on getting our drivers home safely and often; by running our company with the motto that safety is first.


“Nothing is more important than God and your family”. This principle has been passed down to us from our father which was passed down to him from his father and this is the same principle we use to manage our company both in action and in spirit.


Our customers and employees have expectations and PWD is accountable to live up to the expectations of our customers and employees. We do this simply by living by our principle and by following these values.

Faith – Never stop believing in God and our employees.

Family – Caring and appreciating.

Integrity – Always doing the right thing.

Quality – Doing it right the first time.

Respect – Appreciating our employees and treating them fairly.

Safety – Using the latest technology to promote a culture that starts with safety.

We invite you to join our family. There is plenty of room at our dinner table.


Our mission is to grow our business with the highest level of integrity and business ethics which in turn will allow us to provide first in class service to our customers.


Giving back to the community

For many years PWD has been donating to causes that help families in need, children and our veterans.